Criticizing Dr. Ganja’s CBD Flower (REVIEW)

CBD Flower

Thousands of customers wanted us to talk more about CBD flower. Finally, here’s the one for you! There are lots of companies who are doing their best to manufacture the highest quality cannabis products. Most of them are located in Nevada and Pennsylvania, places where farmers can easily cultivate without facing any problems, whatsoever.  Before starting to analyze the product itself, I want to explain the anatomy of the cannabis bud briefly. Colas, calyxes, fan leaves, stem, and nodes are the mandatory parts of the plant. More About Its Structure:


It’s the collection of buds, where they are being grown in conjunction, located in both upper and lower parts of the herb.

Pistil and Stigma

Their primary purpose is to collect powdery substance, pollens. However, depending on suppuration, stigmas start with darkening yellow colors, all the way to brown.  By the way, they have no resourcefulness of affecting the taste of the end product.

Calyxes and Bract

So-called bract encloses generative pieces. These parts of the plant can produce plenty amount of cannabinoids. Calyx is just an outer surface of the substructure. We have not forgotten about Trichrome, which have a duty of protecting cannabis plant from external damages. Also, you may not know that cannabis plants could be male, female or even both. Females are the ones which consumers use on a day to day basis. However, having twain of them on the farm is obligatory.

So Far You Have Learned a Lot about Anatomy!

Now we can go forward and review Dr. Ganja’s CBD Flower, which is among the highly requested goods from the customers of ours. Clients can choose the perfect serving size, depending on their needs. If it is your first time purchasing CBD flower, don’t go for over 30 milligrams.

cbd shop

cbd shop

Shipping – Excellent

The product was wrapped into the plastic to keep the quality of the good. Of course, it came with a standard mail envelope. Correspondingly pack has had no tears; everything was completely sealed. Delivery time ranges from 3 to 7 days, which is pretty good on today’s market. Most of the manufacturers are not even able to reach those numbers. Just to let you know, do not make the orders on the weekend, because official stores only count working days in the timestamp.

Overall Design – Pretty Good

The company knows how to brand itself; colors are catchy and easy to memorize. Consumers can reuse the package. You can reseal it back to the ordinary form.

Quality of the Bud as the Whole

I was able to gather up to 20 seeds from 2 grams of bud. Moreover, this part speaks about having adequately cultivated CBD flower, which is pretty uncommon. I did not expect to receive perfectly cut bud, with no tears at all. Smelling criteria is an essential pan art of the reviewing process. I would say it smelled pretty good. Just wait for a few minutes to get the taste. We tried to vape a few portions of previously purchased CBD flower and results were excited. It was a pleasant experience after doing hours of work on that day. Moreover, consumption has helped us to relax in a matter of minutes without even finishing the whole bud.

In Conclusion:

The product itself was kind enough to taste. We would suggest trying it out for the first time. Primarily it is ideal for those who have no experience in buying the flowers themselves, because of being newbie its’ way easier for companies to trick you. As far as we know company ships to fifty states. If you want to know more about shipping rates, get in touch with their support team to get the details.

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