Big Pharma Competes with CBD

Why is Big Pharma Against CBD?

Why is Big Pharma Against CBD?

Pharmaceutical companies have monopolized the healthcare industry since time immemorial. People with various illnesses have no choice of going against Big Pharma, which tends to go out of its way to exploit them. Scientists have already successfully tested conventional medicine,  and there should be no worries, whatsoever. As such, is the only thing that populates pharmacies worldwide. This is what makes the producers of these medicines and drugs rich behind their wildest dreams. Though there are alternative cures out there for several illnesses. Various companies have documented only a few of them, and unfortunately, they came with unforeseen side effects.

However, there is a new player in town in the name of CDB. Oil is the one treatment option that is currently giving Big Pharma a run for their money. Here are a few reasons why Pharmaceutical companies are primarily against CBD and are campaigning against it.

Locally Available

Unlike conventional pharmaceutical drugs that can only be developed in labs under the supervision and approval of the FDA, people can produce CBD from locally available materials. This is made more convenient by the fact that in many states, you can grow your cannabis plants. This means that while pharmaceuticals need to invest thousands of dollars in producing a single drug dosage.
cbd shop

cbd shop

Drugs are expensive, especially the good ones. Even with the technical know-how, it is almost impossible to make them from the convenience of your home or even more dangerous to attempt. This is one of the primary reasons why Big Pharma enjoys such excellent profit margins. However, this is all challenged by the CBD Oil for the simple reason that almost everyone is capable of safely extracting it from the convenience. This cuts out all the expenses, go-betweens and red tape.

Manageable Side-Effects

One of the main drawbacks of pharmaceutical drugs is side effects, the major one being an addiction. It is the one thing that converts one-time customers into life-long clients. However, people still need to manage their pain and seek treatment from opioid and narcotic drugs. CBD offers a safer less addictive alternative form of therapy with close to zero side effects. This means that you don’t have to worry about your kidney, liver, heart or other organs while treating yourself with this compound. That is what has Big Pharma shaking in their boots.

Highly Effective

When it comes to the management of pain and other chronic diseases, pharmaceutical drugs are wholly ineffective in small doses. The only way the work is in high doses, which means denting your pocket further. However, with CBD by your side, more massive doses do not necessarily mean higher prices. It is also quite useful since it is natural and its extraction process makes use of very few chemicals and additives. This makes it a healthier, more-effective method when it comes to the management and treatment of specific ailments in comparison to off-the-shelf medication.
Worst of all is the fact that CBD is slowly and steadily becoming legal around the world. The oil itself will be the new standard treatment for chronic pain and other diseases. That’s the only reason to worry about. Hence they continue to lobby against it by pulling political strings vehemently.

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