Legalization of Cannabis in California – Next Step Ahead


California has in the recent days legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults. This means that under state law, you are legally allowed to purchase and consume marijuana domestically. However, this is still an illegal practice under Federal law. With this legalization come several questions as to how this whole process will work and the rules that will govern it. Here are a few key pointers as to what the legalization of Cannabis means for the interested parties.

Age and Residency Restrictions

Under the law, you need to be 21 years of age and older to legally purchase marijuana. This has to be done from a licensed vendor or will otherwise be considered illegal under all the laws of the land. This can be done whether you are a resident of the state or are a visiting tourist. This is recreational marijuana and does not require a doctor’s prescription, unlike medical marijuana which has stricter rules. The sellers of the Cannabis should keep children off their premises and package their products in child-resistant containers. These two regulations help to inhibit the accidental ingestion of the marijuana by people under the age of eighteen.
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Purchasable Amount – Time to Talk about Legalization of Cannabis
Since the marijuana is recreational, you can only purchase an ounce at a time. This is about 28.5 grams. Registered stores also need to verify the purchase. You also can not have more than an ounce in your possession. So, the only way you buy more is if you use what you currently have or give it away to another adult. Licensed people can also plant up to 6 Cannabis plants for their personal use.

Where Should I Consume the Solution?

Anti-tobacco laws regulate the current condition of smoking marijuana. These limit that public areas that people can legally smoke tobacco and other places like hotels and workplaces. You cannot smoke pot on the beach. Also, just like drinking, it is illegal to drive while high. It is for this reason that people tend to opt for the edible products of marijuana.

Constraints of the Federal Law

Consumers must not sell or purchase marijuana. Although some of the states don’t restrict the usage. The owners of the licensed stores, the distributors of the grass, the growers and the consumers are all liable under federal law as drug dealers and users. This means that if caught, they can face prosecution and jail time.  People who are growing and distributing the product illegally are the ones that are more susceptible to the federal indictment.

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