CBD and Autism : Everything you need to know

CBD and autism

CBD and Autism – What Does the Current Medical Research into Cannabidiol (CBD) Have to Offer People with Autism?

Patients are finding it hard to treat disorders which have no real source to get rid of from. One such confusion is the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This disorder is somewhat challenging to treat there is no basis for targeted medication. It is usually characterized by abnormal social behavior, deficits in communicating and repetitive motor behaviors. It is undetectable through genetic testing and other medical tests and such quite difficult to diagnose early on.

Development of autism in people has been attributed to some factors including environmental factors, genetics or both. Because of the full range of causative factors, and an even more extensive range of symptoms, most of you refer Autism to a spectrum that runs from mild to severe. This is why it is complicated to develop an effective pharmaceutical treatment for Autism as it presents uniquely with each.

CBD and Autism

There have been a few clinical trials documenting the effectiveness of CBD against drug-resistant epilepsy in children. This offer hopes for epileptic children everywhere and opens the door into further explorations into the medical uses of Cannabis. There is however very little out there in the form of medical research detailing the effects that CBD has on people with Autism, especially children.
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A hypersensitivity generally characterizes autism to stimuli, something that represents the impairment of the sensory information in the brain. Overloaded brain prevents everyone from processing thoughts, emotions and actions in the right way hence the different deficits that people with ASD exhibit. This overload is what the trials involving mice look to address. In these trials, researchers were trying to analyze the effects of CBD oil on mice with autism-like symptoms. Researchers modeled social behavior in the mice using different scientific measures.
The mice with autism preferred to spend time with objects rather than other mice. Their social behavior improved considerably with the use of CBD, and they were not as indifferent when it came to spending time with other mice. This was a clear indication of the ability of Cannabidiol to improve the social tendencies of autistic mice.

In Conclusion:

According to mice test:
Researches put the test subjects into the chamber and allowed to explore it in the presence of other mice fully. The mice that had ASD tended to stick to the corners of the house and avoid all the other mice. This was unlike the health mice whose first instinct was to check out the other mice. Mice with autistic spectrum disorder experienced the same overwhelming amount of sensory stimulation too.
Cannabidiol consumption did manage to reduce this sensory overdrive, decrease their anxiety levels and allowing them to be comfortable enough to interact with other mice. CBD thus has the potential to overcome social anxiety and enable social interactions to a certain level. This makes it an excellent remedy for the impairments that come with ASD.
Scientists are not relying on the effects of cannabidiol for ASD. However, they’re doing the best to improve the current condition.

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