Discover how and why in recent years, CBD oil became one of the leading methods for anxiety treatment.

It’s okay to get anxious or panic occasionally, as life could spit fireballs that are sometimes unanticipated. Everyone goes through that so that’s not strange. However, if the feeling persists, it becomes a bigger problem to handle. You’ve probably heard it before. Your productivity in life is largely relative to your mental health. That includes your work and relationships – defining factors of your life –and if its social anxiety disorder, surely these would be messed up.
More than fear or getting worked up, anxiety is a group of mental disorders that goes on to cripple your life activities, ultimately interfering with everything that pertains to you. You wouldn’t want to be a barrier to yourself, that’s for sure.
Of the family of Cannabis including Marijuana, Cannabidiol oil is a chemical compound obtained from the cannabis plant.  This oil is used to treat various health conditions like chronic pain, panic disorders, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc. so don’t let the mention of marijuana put you off altogether. Medical marijuana, put to good use serves as a signature stress relief.
CBD oil has been known to contain medicinal properties that help treat anxiety attack. What causes anxiety is a drop in serotonin level (a chemical neurotransmitter that regulates mood).  CBD then works by sending serotonin signals. Thereafter, the receptors that tread along that neural path can pick up and exchange this information between themselves, thus improving mood, brain function and reducing anxiety symptoms.
CBD oil helps to treat anxiety and the resulting chronic pain a person may feel from panic attacks. Here are some ways;
Reduces stress
CBD oil cooperates with the brain’s infralimbic cortex to decrease negative emotional responses like stress. After which emotions are well boosted and fear paralyzed, though not totally.
Blocks traumatic events
Memory is a major role player in persons suffering from panic disorders. This is because due to flashbacks, they are forced to remember horrible incidents that cannot be absolutely avoided altogether. These then become triggers. Nevertheless, CBD oil works to influence the CB1 receptor, a receptor found in the brain. The oil goes on to control the input and output of information in the process blocking traumatic memories. The end result is that the reoccurrence of a panic attack is almost improbable.
Promotes healthy thinking
CBD oil helps you to feel calm, thereafter, you’re able to organize your thoughts and think clearly thus promoting mental health. Those panic attacks can be avoided in the long term if usage continues.
Delving right into could cause serious complications in health conditions as the oil works distinctly for different people. That’s why it is first important to start small and build up if one must get the most benefits of it. Experts have provided different strength levels that would help you as you go.
Low Potency
For people starting out on CBD oil for anxiety, this is the level to get started at. Don’t try to jump the queue. Begin by taking 300mg (30ml) daily dose of CBD oil, of course, spread out. Consequently, this would ensure safety.
Mid Potency
Stepping up is not a bad idea if you want more effective results. Although you should know that the process should not be rushed. Here, a 600mg dose is required.
High Potency
More severe cases of chronic pain, anxiety etc. are tended to by this one. It is the highest strength level so it is best to first find your bearing before making up your mind for it.
The answers vary because CBD manifests differently in individuals. First, you would have to consider:
Your height and weight, the severity of your health condition, your body chemistry and lastly, the concentration of the CBD oil you have within reach
Then, you would use such information to follow up by ingesting CBD oil in little quantities to make room for your body to adjust. Thereafter, you could increase your doses.  Nonetheless, if you’re already on medications, it’s best not to venture at all. Alternatively, you could consult your doctor to avoid an overdose.
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