We’re glad to see you going through the official legal policy of ours. Take some time to gain the mandatory knowledge about the return policy which surely will help you lead in the right direction.

In case having additional questions furthermore, don’t hesitate to send the questions directed at [email protected] or visit the contact page for more details.

Our company tries its best to take care of the loyal customers. Before writing the message, please make sure to check the arrived package carefully and see if there’s any damage. Don’t forget that the claims must be made during the period of the first 72 hours after verifying the receipt. Attach detailed information, images, videos and text to ensure the condition of the goods.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re offering a 30-Day money back guarantee to the customers who will not be satisfied with the suggested products. Submit your application by writing an email to [email protected] or look in on the contact form.

By completing the order, you as the customer accept the existence of the hemp-based cannabidiol in the purchased solutions. The Food and Drug Administration has evaluated none of the research-oriented statements.

Additionally, there are not thought out in advance to cure or get rid of any disease. We recommend talking with your physical healthcare doctor to eliminate the chance of having life-threatening side-effects. Our company does not take responsibility for experiencing the health benefits by taking in the CBD (cannabidiol) mixtures.

By accepting the rules, you as the consumer agree to the official local over government regulations related to compound consumption.
Keep in mind that, the customers themselves are in charge of paying for the shipping costs.

If you want to find out the eligibility of the received products, please straightaway send us the message via email.

Unopened packages can be returned within seven days. Follow the instructions below to complete the entire process correctly:


Email customer support of ours at [email protected] within 72 hours of receiving the package. Ensure that the shipment is unopened.

  • Ask for the detailed shipping address during the period of upcoming seven days to let our team verify the correct location.
  • Once the products are shipped on the way to our headquarters, send the tracking code to let our staff follow the route attentively.
  • In the end, a team of professional technicians will verify the condition of the good and provide you with the refund receipt. It usually takes up to two weeks to complete the final stage, so don’t hesitate about the delay.

Wishing you the best experience

CBDHemp-Oil team!